About me

Hi, my name is Alin Meceanu.
I enjoy making better experiences for people. I've been doing this for the past 9 years and I love it.

I joined mytaxi in 2015 to reshape the way mobility works. Currently I am based in Hamburg, leading the design teams.

Work History


2015 → present

Leading the Product Design & Research teams in Hamburg and Barcelona to reshape the future of mobility.


2010 → 2015

Had the opportunity to work on innovative projects together with teams from Google, McAfee or Dropbox.


2015 → 2016

Co-founded vat4u in order to bring an innovative Fintech product on the market meant to help the recovery of VAT across Europe.



Worked on solving the problem of parking spaces in the urban space. I focused on crafting a solution to find available parking spaces near you or predict where the next one might be.

As a freelancer I've worked with multiple agencies and startups creating new products or improving existing ones.

I also like to challenge myself and spend time working on little side projects, thinking of new and creative ideas to solve different problems.

When I am not designing or spending time with my family, I travel around the globe and capture all the moments through my camera. More about this here

Interested in working with me?

Feel free to contact me at alin.meceanu[at]gmail.com for more info.