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The Caribbeans

After travelling on so many corners of the world, we finally landed on super famous Caribbean Islands. As we didn't had too much time to travel around all of them, we started with the ones that sounded most intriguing: The Netherlands ones.

We've been so many times to the Netherlands (and we will still go probably many times) and on top of that we heard a lot of cool stuff about Bonaire, Curaçao and, of course, Aruba.

I will order the city in the top of my preferences, leaving the last for my favourite island.


I guess Bonaire is one of the smallest island of this 3 or at least it seems like that. I think a tour around the island, by car, should take you around 1 hour.

Even so, Bonaire is packed with a lot of interesting places to check out.

Here's what we did: Our plan was to take a taxi ride and go to the beach we wanted to check out - Sorobon Beach. What actually happened was that we got the best tour of the island on our way there and our way back.

We had an amazing taxi driver - he was such a nice character, telling us the history of the island, how's the living there showed us around bits and pieces of the wild nature - from flamingos to wild donkeys.

Windsurfing at Sorobon Beach

Pink lakes at the salt mines

Slave huts from 1850 - made for workers at the salt ponds



Famous to most of the people due to the blue liquor it gets produced there, Curaçao was by far one of the most unique places I got to see. A very hip old city center, colorful while filled with natural beauty and wilderness.

But most important (for me) - it's also one of the few places in the world where you can see flamingos in their natural habit.

We started our journey towards Playa Porto Marie - a very chic beach where you also get to meet some adorable little pigs.

On our way back from the beach we spotted a group of flamingos chilling at the beach, so we asked our driver if she can give us 10 minutes to go and check them out.


Playa Porto Marie

Colorful buildings in the city center

Flamingos chilling in their natural habitat



The biggest of the all 3 islands, Aruba has a complete different vibe - although still a carribean island, it feels very european and still has the charm of a little city, somehow combining the best of both worlds.

We explored the city, going through different neighbourhoods and having a better understanding of how much of the island is touristic and what are the parts where the local people like to hang out.

In the end we stopped to recharge at the Eagle beach - where we got to feed some friendly pelicans. How cool is that? Pigs in Curaçao, pelicans in Aruba - not your typical buddies to hang out with.



Nature in Aruba - cacti, cacti & palm trees


California Lighthouse - Probably the best place to have a view of the entire island.

Pigs at the beach

Iguanas chilling in the park