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We went to visit the Lion City for 5 days - and it has become by far one of my Top 5 cities (Between New York, Barcelona, Hamburg and Hvar).

Seeing so many different cultures living together in harmony is not something you get to see everyday. Top this with with modern architecture, cleanliness and so many things to see and experience and you will understand why this has become such an important city for me.

The first moment you step in Singapore you get to see this amazing piece of architecture somehow looking like the city's guardian.

By far one of the greatest thing to see are the Gardens by the Bay - such an amazing little heaven. Best part is - it's actually free!

We went on top of the Marina Bay Sands in order to get a glimpse of the city, but stayed during the evening to get this view:

At the same time, if you just move a couple a bit in the city, you will find completely different colors and vibes.

From food markets to temples and old buildings.

The Locals

What you can see when walking the neighborhoods of Singapore are many different cultures separated in two categories: business and non-business (including the tourists here).

You can find them most of days either rushing to work or crowding in the hawker markets (an outdoor food market).

Fun fact: Did you know that Singapore has actually two of this little places awarded with Michelin stars? And the meal is around $5?

For a country/city rebuilt with glass and mostly cloudy you wouldn't expect too much color - yet again, Singapore can be surprisingly colorful. From green parks everywhere to colorful buildings and markets just popping out when you least expect it.

I think one of the main reason I like Singapore that much is because I find it hard to get bored here. Low criminality (0% if I'm not mistaken), great working opportunities, easy access to other sun-blessed places (Thailand, Vietnam) and hard to get bored.