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Side Projects

From time to time – I like to think of new challenges and find solutions to either problems I identify a long the way, or little projects aimed to help others.

Here are a few projects and startups I either helped or some of my ideas I focused on during my spare time.



ParkTag — was a startup looking to fix the parking problems for day-to-day drivers using smart data. The app was focused on providing a simple solution to find the available spots or to update if the availability has changed.

The app unfortunately shut down – as the startup pivoted to create predict.io, still focused on fixing mobility, but with different weapons.

A crowdsourcing system is only as good as the size of participants. Hence the goal always was to scale fast. For you to enjoy effortless parking. We launched the ParkTAG app to empower you to grow the community with us. And it worked! People across geographies fell in love with the idea. Lively communities quickly grew in Europe, South America and even in Asia.
Despite the raving success massive amounts of users were still missing to provide a great service to the masses. In order to give you parking success, we needed around 10% of all drivers in any given city. That is a lot of people!

While the concept I worked on didn't got to be implemented, maybe someone finds it interesting enough to continue working on it.


Steps — a name I found pretty cool, is a personal project I started working on after many years using different apps and smart bands, smart watches etc. Want I wanted was actually a very simple solution that does 3 things. In a nutshell:

  • Tells you how's your daily step challenge going
  • Tells you how much you slept
  • Motivates you to improve the two above, using a simple tone of voice

I wanted to create something that was extremely simple – that's why the app is split in just 2 main colors to reflect the two different challenges: the one during the day & the one during the night.

In terms of motivation – I feel that statistical numbers or KPIs are not working for everyone (or they loose interest over time), so I took a more personal approach to translate that data into meaningful words.

If anyone is interested in pushing this project to life – let me know ✌


mycash — Was one of the projects I believed in (still do actually) that was meant to improve financial education. By understanding your expenses – not just seeing a list of entries – you are more likely to improve your financials.

Unfortunately the costs for maintaining this product was way too high for me to run it just for fun – so it's currently closed.

Feel free to ping me if you want to re-kickoff this project together 💪

I wanted to see, right from opening the app, a simple and clear overview of your financial status. You can add recurrent costs (so that after your main setup you can focus just on small dynamic costs) and you can tag them to categories that make sense for you.

More projects to be added soon. I'm working on a couple ideas focus on podcasts and a different approach to taking notes.