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New York City

Visiting NYC was one of my dreams. You have to imagine that for someone outside of USA this feels like a mirage - all the movies, all the things happening there, the iconic buildings and so on. In the end we made it there and stayed for 10 awesome days

On top of that the lack of access - going to NYC is not easy for some people. There's a visa process with quite some requirements, then of course finding an affordable hotel that's also available can be challenging.

But we managed all this and had an amazing time there. This is my dream city.


One of the first things that hits you when you land on JFK is the striking skyline - you are hit with such an iconic picture and instantly get this warm feeling.

We found a well positioned hotel in the Upper West side so walking the streets of Manhattan was quite charming. It's almost impossible not to fall in love with Bryant Park or the Flatiron building.

Central Park

If there is a truly magical place in NYC - this has to be it. This is not just a park, it's a community.

Everything else

We've spent time visiting two of the most famous museums, the American Museum of National History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art - and they are so incredible! I think you can spend your entire holiday only in this two museums.

We've also paid a small visit to the Central Library but we didn't want to disturb too much all the people actually interested in doing the research, still I would definitely recommend anyone to pay it a visit.

Later on we ended up in the Financial district where besides the bull and Tiffany's you can admire but also get lost through all the glass sky scrappers.


A visit to NYC wouldn't have been complete without spending some time in Brooklyn. We actually ended up at Kickstarter's 5th year anniversary and spent some quality time looking over some crazy and funny projects, together with their creators.

One of the coolest things in Brooklyn is the view towards Manhattan - at least for me, when looking at it from the other side, looks so unreal.

Our trip couldn't be completed without the mandatory visit to the Empire State building. Getting on the top of the building took some time, but the view is mesmerizing.We've spent a couple of hours up there, only to catch both views of the city, the day time and the night time.

I can't wait to get back there.