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Started 10 years ago, mytaxi has a clear goal: rethink mobility as we know it. Scaling a simple solution that allows ordering taxis with one touch to a service available across 11 European markets (and still growing).

My role is to lead the design teams (2 teams, 10 products) in driving our service to achieve product excellence.

Key projects

During the past 3 years, this were some of the highlights I worked on:

  1. One Touch - Moving to a faster solution for ordering a taxi
  2. Merging two brands: Hailo & mytaxi - Blending two competitors in one product
  3. Launch Match - Creating a new taxi-sharing service



Fast-paced market

The mobility market is nowadays one of the most interesting to be in. Staying fast paced and innovative while keeping a healthy and sustainable business is not easy, but definitely worth doing.

Understanding our customers

One of the key elements when approaching new features is by staying informed. Listening to our drivers and passengers, analysing the market and staying updated with trends and new patterns.

Understanding the city

Working in partnership with taxi drivers, building world class technology and ensuring that cities and their inhabitants can move freely is actually our daily routine.

One Touch

Key Project/2015-2016

One of mytaxi's challenges is to disrupt the mobility market by providing a faster and reliable service. Our goal was to provide our customers with the fastest solution for ordering a taxi.


With competitors across all the continents, from traditional hailing services to private hire options, finding the right data and the understanding the impact on the product requires a lot of effort.

What we focused on, at this stage, is creating a simpler way of hailing your taxi - compared to the traditional taxi dispatch centers. That meant understanding the user's expectations and needs from the traditional service and how would our solution improve it.

Understanding this required constantly running competitor studies, customer surveys and also having people invited to user testing studies, all in order to find the right answers to all our questions.


Following the normal iteration process, Ideate → Prototype → Test → Measure, we spend a lot of time trying different approaches in order to find the right solution.


While exploring different paths we look at what's happening in terms of innovation, guidelines, new trends and most important, our users' feedback. We learned from every single iteration and we applied all this in our work flow.

While we were touching the core of our app we wanted to not only to make it faster but also to make it more human. We wanted to create a more local feeling and make use of a modern UI, while creating a consistent look & feel.



We managed to launch the new flow and even more, we improved it over the following years, allowing for additional services on top of it.

mytaxi & hailo

Key Project/2016-2017

In July 2016, mytaxi announced a merger with Hailo, the leading taxi app in the UK and Ireland, an important step in becoming the leading taxi e-hailing app in Europe. Our goal was to take the best out of both apps in order to migrate the new markets on the same platform.



Merging two competitors is not the typical research project you run into during the product lifecycle - so it did presented itself with new challenges.

How do we create the best experience for our users while taking away one of the products from the markets? How do we communicate this so that people appreciate the new benefits over the migration process?

We ran user testing session in all the major markets, understanding what both user groups are expecting from each service. With that in place we understood what are the most wanted features from each platform and what are the challenges with existing features.


By far, the bigger challenges were on the general app experience, where each platform had fundamental changes: a fast one touch process to order a taxi vs a precise two touch process to do the same thing, different payment experiences and different expectations for prebooking.


With the research finished we realised we not only had UX challenges but also many UI ones: finding the right set of features, adapting branded elements, color & fonts.


Last but not least, we had to find a way to promote all this changes to our users, highlighting the new benefits from the combined products. And so we created an onboarding process, starting from the Hailo app and finishing on the mytaxi app - the final platform for the service.



We managed to migrate the users from Hailo to mytaxi, and furthermore, a few months later, we managed to increase the number of users (compared to the ones before the merger).

A migration rarely finishes, but we managed in 6 months to bring the best out of the two services while on the upcoming months to continue improving our service and scale to new cities.


Launching Match

Key Project/2017-2018